Virgin gives luggage free ride

Ever locked your keys in the car or lost them?

I had some friends lose my house keys recently. They tore apart their car looking for the keys (turned out they had been dropped behind a tree in the garden!).

Imagine finding you had locked everyone’s luggage in a Boeing 747 and could not get it out?!

This happened to Virgin Atlantic last week. Flight VS029, arrived from London into Barbados with 288 passengers. On the ground,staff tried everything (and failed) to open the rear hold door of the plane. Eventually. it was decided to take the plane back to Gatwick, leaving approximately 200 of the passengers without  bags.

A Virgin spokesman stated: “We would like to sincerely apologise to all customers affected. Every effort was made to open the luggage door manually in Barbados following a technical issue..The fault has now been rectified and passengers have now been reunited with their luggage.”

Another reason why I never check luggage in.



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