I just hit Two Million km!

Today’s flight with Virgin Australia from Los Angeles to Melbourne, Australia tipped me over two million kilometres (1.25 million miles)  travelled by aeroplane!  This is a distance equivalent to 50 times around the earth. I have eaten, read, slept, chatted and worked for 16 and a half weeks of my life in the air.






I record all of my 857 flights at Flightmemory.com. This database allows me to keep all of my flight information in one place and print maps based on the data. In case you think I am completely geeky, here is the blog post which explains how my friend Tony started using Flightmemory. His memory is one motivation for continuing to record my flights.








Key Stats:

 This flight also re-earnt me my Platinum Status with Virgin Australia.  I now hold Platinum with them until December, 2013. Flying a lot has some rewards.

This week I fly nowhere (unless I win the lottery!)



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