Early Unbuckling

On landing in Toronto as the rear wheels of the 737 hit the runway, a guy hopped out of his seat and headed to the rear restroom. Simultaneously a  guy in row 16 got up and started looking under the seats of Row 13 as the plane decelerated.

The Flight attendant jumped out of his seat shouting as he ran down the plane. He shepherded Mr Row 16 back into his seat and got Mr Bathroom back to his seat. Mr Row 16 didnt buckle up as the fight attendant returned to his seat.

As we taxied in, Mr Row 13 got out of his seat and went back to looking in row 13 and was again shouted at.

I made a comment to the flight attendant as I left the plane. He apologised for shouting so loudly. I told him he was doing his job and keeping people safe. He looked relieved.

A couple of fellow passengers and I commented that it is not often you have two people get up out of their seats before the seat belt sign has come back on. To have two simultaneously was amazing.





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  1. Typical behavior flying into the middle east. Was on a flight where a woman with a baby was walking up and down the ausle shortly before tuning off the runway. Had to be reminded extremely sternly to sit down by the fa

  2. Clearly haven’t traveled much to the Middle East – Israel in particular. I have been on literally more than a dozen flights into Israel where people just get up during landing. I mean as the wheels are touching down. The worst is on el al and also Bmi was very bad. Intra Israel flights are even worse. Had multiple people repeatedly talking on cell phones in flight. Rules are more flexible for middle easterners.

  3. Thanks for the info Tootaltofly. wow! I fly more fascistic airlines!. About 4% of my flights have been to or through Middle East (unless you include Turkey). Turkish airlines was the worst I have ever seen for people getting up.

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