Jet Blue, Emirates Freq Flyer Reciprocity

The bigger news is that Emirates and JetBlue (having announced a code sharing agreement in April, 2012) have now said that as of yesterday (July 1, 2012), their Frequent-flier programs are now reciprocal. Fliers can earn credits in either of the carrier’s loyalty programs (but not both on the same flight!).Jet Blue customers can earn TrueBlue points on any of Emirates’ worldwide flights based on the number of miles on that flight and fare class:

  • Emirates Economy Saver (B H K L M Q T U V X ) will earn 0.5 True Blue Points for every mile flown
  • Emirates Economy Flex (E R W Y) will earn 1 True Blue Point for every mile flown
  • Emirates Business Class ( C I J) will earn 1.25 True Blue Points for every mile flown
  • Emirates First Class (A, F, P) will earn 1.5 True Blue Points for every mile flown

Members of Emirates’ Skywards program will be able to earn Skywards miles on any of JetBlue’s flights in North and South America on the following basis:

  • Hyper Discounted* Jet Blue Fares (N, T, X) will earn no Skywards points
  • Highly Discounted Fares (O, P, S, U) will earn 0.25 Skywards Points for every mile flown
  • Discount economy flights (B, L, M, Q, R, V) will get 0.5 Skywards Points for every mile flown
  • Full Economy flights (E, H, K, Y) will earn 1 Skywards Points for every mile flown

Points will be able to redeem their miles on the other airlines are expected to start from the end of February 2013.

To celebrate the launch of the partnership, double points are being immediately offered for points earnt on the other carrier. The promotion requires advance and runs through Sept. 30. For more see JetBlue and Emirates.

Emirates is my favourite airline in the world and JetBlue is my favourite US airline. I have frequent flyer membership with both airlines. My dilemma is which scheme will I focus on?

Thursday, I am off to Berlin. Was hoping for an Air Berlin flight as I have never flown them.  I have ended up on British Airways, instead.


*My name for this fare category!

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