Travel Tip: Take Travel Insurance

Do I really need to suggest that if people travel, then they need some??? Apparently yes!  The horror stories of people flying without insurance and have something go really wrong, continue to float around. I spend about $500 to $600 per year for a one year policy that covers me everywhere in the world. I have claimed twice. One for medical care in the USA that had more zeros in the medical bill than I liked and once for a hire car accident. I feel my insurance investment was worth it. I wonder how my insurer feels?

It also seems obvious to say shop around. Check both prices and inclusions. Will you be covered if you skydive? Ski? Mountain bike? Bungee jump? What happen if you travel to a war torn area or there is an outbreak of hostilities? What is the excess you will pay if you make a claim? What is he cooling off period.

Watch the deals that are sold by airlines on their websites. They can be quite expensive for what they offer. Airlines love selling them because it is easy commission. Ryanair for a while forced you to buy it unless you ticked a box to opt out. Although with them, I would be inclined to take out lots of insurance!

Here are some sites where you can compare policies. I make no claims or recommendations here. Click on the country name to be taken to the relevant site.

Australia: Compare Travel Insurance

Canada: Insure My Trip

New Zealand: Compare Travel Insurance

United Kingdom: Money Supermarket

USA: Square mouth

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  1. Martin J Cowling i personally feel buying travel insurance is really helpful in your trip, once i caught malaria while i was traveling to india, and it took a month to get relived out of it, the complete compensation is given by the insurance company that saved my pocket.

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