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What to do to prepare for a potential disaster while travelling

After the terrorist events across the world this past week, I think it is prudent to be prepared for a situation where you experience a natural or human emergency.  (This is coming from someone who has lived in two war zones and travelled through multiple other war areas and disasters!) Check travel warnings for natural disaster warnings, violence, political unrest and wars before you travel. It amazes me that I talk to tourists who arrive in a country oblivious that only weeks before there was a coup or hurricane or earthquake!  Check Your Perception: despite the…

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Travel Tip: Take Travel Insurance

Do I really need to suggest that if people travel, then they need some??? Apparently yes!  The horror stories of people flying without insurance and have something go really wrong, continue to float around. I spend about $500 to $600 per year for a one year policy that covers me everywhere in the world. I have claimed twice. One for medical care in the USA that had more zeros in the medical bill than I liked and once for a hire car accident. I feel my insurance investment was worth it. I wonder how my…

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