Great Luggage App

I found a great tool this week called Luggage Limits. It is available on line at  and via Iphone and Android apps

Type in airline, destination and origin and the site will tell you all of the airline’s luggage limits. You can check classes, carry on luggage sizes and luggage fees.

They have a great tool which allows you to compare luggage between airlines on a particular route. Great for making decisions between carriers.


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  1. I just downloaded this app and entered the info for my next upcoming flight. First problem is that the airport code for MEX is missing from the menu. The second problem is that once my flight information was entered, the app provided WRONG information. It said I was entitled to 2 free bags ( no, just one according to Airline’s website) and that extra bags would cost $225!! No, they cost $20 plus tax. If the information for a well known international airline was this wrong, then the other information cannot be relied upon. An UTTERLY USELESS APP. Total waste of money.

  2. Hi Jill, I am very sorry. I have tested it on a number of flights and it has worked great for me. Which airline did it get it wrong on? I know Air France/klm charge $285 for third bag.

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