Carry On Inconsiderates

Having boarded a lot of planes, I have watched a lot of passengers stowing their baggage. So far I have observed the following Characters. Relate to any? Know any?

Privileged Pete

Pete believes he has the right to bring in a houseful of contents. On some carriers, he won’t get away with it but on other airlines, the staff turn a blind eye as he staggers on with a full suitcase, roll on bag,  back pack and computer bag.

Fling em Freddy

Fred gets to his row and throws his bag into the overhead compartment without checking to see whats already there. As a result.  he may squash someone else’s bag or his bag ends up at an angle which requires someone else to rearrange it.

Fragile Fiona

It is hard to know if Fiona is Fragile or her luggage is or  both. As you place your bag up, she begins accusing you of damaging her suit jacket, damaging her laptop or destroying her sponge cake, fragile hat or walking cane

Selfish Sam

Sam is  sitting in a seat toward the back of the plane but does not want to carry or wheel  his bag all the way down there.  They leave their bag in the luggage compartment above row 3,4 5, or 6. The passengers who belong there then have to go down the plane until they find a spot and then elbow their way back to the front of the plane and do the same in reverse when deplaning.

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  1. How about slow Sally/Simon who has no major problems getting the bags into the overhead properly but when getting off the plane can’t seem to get the bag down in a normal amount of time holding up everyone else behind them. They also always have a roll aboard with a handle that won’t come out and don’t seem to be in any major hurry. In addition they have a genetic issue that makes them gravitate toward flights full of people with tight connections.
    Do I sound bitter? 🙂

  2. How about Weak Willie/Wanda who has a carry-on so large and heavy that they can’t actually lift it into the overhead and hold up everything until they find someone to help them? I think passengers should have to prove that they can actually carry their carry-on.

  3. DaninSTL- I had to laugh reading yours! Sounds exactly what I faced last week…no surprise though, since I was flying to FLORIDA!

  4. I agree with Danin, slow people puting their stuff in the bin and being ablivious to everyone else behind them. I guess I need a private jet to avoid these people.

  5. I always seem to run into the people who are doing their own thing in the aisle as we’re boarding. can no one just sit down and then dig through their luggage when everyone’s sitting?
    they act like there isn’t a line waiting to get by when they’re in 3b

  6. Last week, I ran into Bin Hog Barry, traveling with three kids in tow. It was chilly, so everyone had their best bulky jacket on, and a hat. Dad’s was a nice felt fedora. “Was” being the operative word. Ol’ Barry, who got on a little before me and was seated two rows ahead, proceeded to fill the bin above his seat with their bags, stuffing all his kids’ hats and jackets, one more backpack and his lovely fedora into the bin above my row. Really dude? I swear the guy behind him crushed that hat just to make the point.

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