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Like a Mirror: Airline survey gives telling data about US Air Travellers.

Last Tuesday, some great stats came out about the state air travel in the USA. For example, the number of Americans flying last year hit a new record with forty-nine percent of the population taking at least one air trip.  That does mean 51 percent of the US population did not fly in 2016. Eleven percent of Americans have never flown, down from the year before. I find it astounding that one in ten Americans have never been inside a plane for an air journey. Eighty-nine percent of people took less than five air trips last…

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Considering Carry On

I was standing at the check in counter for Lufthansa at Frankfurt. The check in agent asked the passenger next to me to present his carry on bag so she could weigh it. “why? It’s just carry on” “yes sir. I need to weigh it. Sir it weighs 12kilograms. You must check it. ” “the last airline let me carry it on” “You have to remove items or check it in sir” “this has nothing to do with safety. You just want to make money. Get me your supervisor” The customer then berated the supervisor.…

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Carry On Inconsiderates

Having boarded a lot of planes, I have watched a lot of passengers stowing their baggage. So far I have observed the following Characters. Relate to any? Know any? Privileged Pete Pete believes he has the right to bring in a houseful of contents. On some carriers, he won’t get away with it but on other airlines, the staff turn a blind eye as he staggers on with a full suitcase, roll on bag,  back pack and computer bag. Fling em Freddy Fred gets to his row and throws his bag into the overhead compartment without checking to see whats already there. As…

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