Airline kills James Dean … the cat

The demise of James Dean is indeed sad and tragic….Jet Airways sincerely regrets the accidental demise of a pet cat”

These are the words on Facebook of Jet Airways, an Indian airline following one of their employees running over a cat the airline was transporting from Delhi to Singapore on flight 9W18 on March 23.

James Dean, the cat escaped from his cage while it was on the tarmac and was struck by a trolley train moments after.

The cat’s owner has posted an obitury and discussion over her experiences. These include her feelings when the airline refused her to see the site of her cat’s death for security reasons.

James was cremated at “Paws to Heaven”, an interfaith crematorium for animals.

The transporting of animals is a serious business and staff need to be trained in what can go wrong. In her blog, thr passenger describes her reaction to an employee of the airline mocking her grief.




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