Boosting the Image of Down Under

As an Australian, I am used to people reacting enthusiastically to the mention of my country.

Last year, however, at the launch of a  $180 million “There’s nothing like Australia” campaign, research was revealed that Australians have a mixed perception internationally. 80 per cent of international travellers see Australia as “different”, 60 per cent had knowledge of it, half thought Australia was a relevant place to them – but only 30 per cent held Australia in high esteem.

  • Americans saw Aussies as “carefree and rugged”  but believed Australians don’t deliver quality or good value.
  • British believe Aussies are “charming and independent” but untrustworthy
  • Indians see Aussies as “daring” but arrogant

The results change for people who actually visit Australia so tourism Australia is encouraging people who have visited the land down under to tell the positive stores via Facebook.

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  1. AUD and USD are pretty much 1:1 right now which makes it expensive for Americans once they’re in Australia. I still remember back in 2001 when 1 USD = 2 AUD. That was a great exchange rate for Americans at the time! This may be one of the reasons why Americans feel Aussies don’t deliver good value (but this perception may have been very different ten years ago when the Aussie dollar was weaker than USD.)
    Whenever I’ve visited Australia, I’ve always felt Aussies were laid back and down-to-earth. Though diverse in the sense there are different ethnicities present (indian, chinese, italian, british, greek, etc.) I rarely met anyone from Africa. I don’t think I’ve ever met an African-Australian actually.

  2. Yeah went there last year. As I walked the streets in the King’s Cross area I was told to go back to Asia. Lovely.

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