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My 2012 USA flights

Last year, I travelled to 59 airports in 15 countries!

One day, stuck in Charlotte, North Carolina I called a friend for advice on where to get some good food. There have been many airports where I have wandered aimlessly from terminal to terminal looking for decent food. What I should have been doing is developing an app to help the millions of passengers annually who do the same thing.

Dan Stratman, an airline Captain with 23 years of experience has done just that declaring:  “I’m all too aware of how frustrating air travel has become. I wanted to use my years of experience to make a better travel app that would make travel smoother and easier for everyone.”

That App is Airport Life

The free version includes:

  •  airport-terminal maps
  •  airline rules and policies
  • security rules
  • weather information for your departure, connecting and arrival cities
  • airport dining
  • airport shopping options

There is a very handy  “Airport Wall” feature which allows passengers to share important information with other Airport Life  such as last-minute gate changes, flight delays or cancellations.

The “First Class” version  costs $1.99 per month and provides:

  •  automatic flight updates sent to your phone when itinerary changes (I get this already with Tripit)
  •  an expense tracker
  • a record where in the airport carpark someone has left their car (be nice if it would tell me where my keys were too!)

There are three drawbacks or disappointments about the app:

  1.  the app only works at 113 airports in the USA, and Europe. Please add Asia!
  2. It lacks graphics… lots of lists of text.
  3. You can’t increase the font- when I don’t have my reading glasses, it is tricky

Finally, here is an ad that Captain Dan has produced.

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