How to close an aircraft overhead compartment

I love the sounds of an aeroplane. The roar of the engines, the bang of the wheels retracting, the motors running that extend the wing flaps for take-off and the wind whistling past etc etc

Of all the aircraft noises I hate the most, it’s the sound of slamming overhead bin doors! Some passengers, some airlines and some cabin attendants get it right. Others don’t and there is a cacophony of slamming hatches. Its fast and supposedly efficient -but irritating. Slam! Slam! Slam! Slam!

To keep me happy: With one hand, hold the latch open. Use the other hand to gently guide the compartment closed. There is a very soft sound and a gentle click. You can do it quite quickly with practice.

Anyone else, get irritated by this noise?

To make you smile, here is one way not to close a Bin:


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  1. One of my pet peeves as well. But it’s not just other pax that do that – the biggest offenders are some FAs that just go through the entire cabin and slam shut all the bins.

  2. Great post! One important step missing though. At what point in the process does one insert the annoying seatmate or the rude flight attendant. Sorry, but if they squeal too much, the quick slam method may become necessary. Thanks.

  3. This happened on my long haul to EZE this weekend. I was in a blissful sleep somewhere over Peru on my way and then “WHACK WHACK WHACK”. Good God I thought the engine fell off. Me and a couple other passengers were jolted awake. I was pretty deep into an induced sleep but when I woke up I saw the flight attendant having a word with the customer. Here’s to hoping it put a little bit of fear into him.

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