Stay Well En Route

sea-sickAfter my post, last Wednesday,  about the students who flew home ill from Chile last week, thought I would share some tips to stay well. Getting sick is part of the joys of travel, so be prepared! Feel free to add your suggestions.

Before Travel

  1.  Get all appropriate vaccinations for the area you are travelling to
  2. Get your up to date flu vaccination
  3. Make sure you have appropriate travel insurance coverage
  4. Take a travel-size bottle of hand sanitizer
  5. Carry medication for headaches, toothaches (it can happen) and diarrhea
  6. Have mosquito repellant

When Flying

  1. I drink a fresh squeezed juice before an international flight
  2. When flying, pack some healthy snacks eg a couple of apples,  a packet of raisins etc (watch quanarneitne regulations)
  3.  Stay hydrated when flying- . I ask for an orange juice and a water with no ice at every opportunity I get.
  4. Get up and walk around the plane every two to three hours
  5. Do those “silly” stretching exercises to avoid DVT. you might look strange but DVT is a terrible, terrible thing
  6. I bought a face mask during the SARS crisis, wore it once and never again!


  1.  Order your drinks without ice as it can be made from dubious water sources
  2. Check the tap water is safe before rinsing your mouth or your toothbrush when you’re brushing your teeth
  3. Boiling water at a rolling boil for 90 seconds then let it cool slowly to remove parasites and contaminations.
  4. Commercially available iodine or chlorine tablets can kill bacteria and viruses in water



  1.  Eat nutritious food especially on a longer trip. Balance fresh fruit, vegetables, carbs and proteins
  2. Watch fresh vegetables carefully. See if they look fresh and what they have been washed in
  3. I eat street food but I do glance to see how fresh the food is, what the customer base is like. I actually have got more ill from rtestuiarajnts than from street vendors
  4. I avoid buffets
  5. If you get a tummy bug, eat bananas and yoghurt. It helps!



  1. Give yourself permission to relax and not sightsee all the time
  2. If going to an area with terrible pollution consider a face mask. I have yet to wear one myself (see above re planes)
  3. Find Time to Work Out- go for a walk, have a swim, grab the gym
  4. Sleep


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  1. I never go on a trip without taking lomotil and phenergan with me. Which are a diarrhea and nausea medication. I also wash my hands frequently and have a bottle of hand sanitizer with me. Wet ones or baby wipes are helpful. If I’m travelling during flu season I carry a few Lysol or Clorox wipes to wipe down things that I will be touching.

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