A Year of Walking Thailand

In 2021, my goal was to walk or run 2,400KM (1,440 miles) which is kind of a lot in a year!

With lockdowns in Thailand (where I am based) shutting down pubs, clubs, restaurants, pools, gyms, beaches, parks and shops for most of the year there was little else to do but walk in 34 to 37 degrees Celsius (93 to 94 Fahrenheit).

The result was I actually reached a record for me of 3212 kilometres Yes, I should have pushed to get to that magic 2000 miles!

This is almost the same distance as Disneyland, in greater LA, CA to Frank Lloyd Wright’s Unity Temple in the suburbs of Chicago.

a map of a road
a map of the world
Same distance as Marseille in Southern France to St Petersburg, Russia
a map of the country
Same distance as Singapore to Ha Long Bay in Vietnam (via Malaysia, Thailand and Laos

I walked and ran along many miles along parts of Thailand’s coast, through 15 cities including the capital Bangkok and in the countryside across multiple provinces.

You can check out more scenes in these two TikTok videos of mine:

My stepping out included some virtual walks and runs – some of which were supported by others with donations to charities:

Thanks to my walking and running buddies here in Bangkok and across the world!! I love our chats and walks.

So how do I top this? My 2022 goal is to walk and run 4,044 km (2,513) miles! Hopefully, I can get outside Thailand!

What are your fitness goals for 2022? What are your travel goals (if any)?


  1. Who is going to state their fitness goals against 2500 running miles?
    Ok, I will. My fitness goal is to keep this heart ticking one more year.

  2. The big Khmer style temple looks like Phanom Rung in Buriram province, it’s got an interesting history, built on top of an extinct volcano,they took 15 years restoring the temple, the last piece was the door lintel which somehow found it’s way to Chicago but was eventually returned, there’s an amazing festival there every year.

  3. Thank you for sharing this amazing effort. In this era, we need to be fit and healthy we should walk and explore nature. I visited a place Ratti-Gali that is close to nature we walked there in a beautiful and healthy environment . You remind me of that tour of my life.

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