Your worst airline?

What has been our worst airline experience – and why?

Ryanair for taking you to the wrong airport or charging you a fee higher than the airline for a printing a boarding pass at the airport?

Lion air for scaring you with a rough landing? ( the airline has one of the world’s worst safety ratings)

United for losing your baggage?

Cubans for one of their infamous half day delays?

Air Zimbabwe for stranding you?

Alitalia for ignoring you?

What’s been your experience?


  1. China Eastern for stealing my Priority Bag Tags, failing to have decent Intl food on a 6 hour Intl Business class flight, their extremely bad lounges in Shanghai Pu Dong, their extremely worn 767 planes, the worst boarding process ever, etc. They just don’t care

  2. EVA Air for their rude & crude ground crew at LAX, for the flight crews favoring (better seats/treatment) their Chinese nationals abroad their planes, and for stealing my CD/DVD collection from my checked in luggage.

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