Flying one week after MH370

I flew last night over Malaysia and the Straits of Malacca.

Was a bit spooky flying one week later at about the same time of the morning as the missing plane. Colleagues at work questioned how I felt flying the same time in the same sort of plane. My 777 experienced a few bumps so the captain left the seat belt sign on for quite a while. I landed safely in Bangkok at 1240am local time (140am Malaysian time). This is just after time the plane’s last voice transmission. But I landed.

For the families of the people aboard, there is still no closure and lots of conjecture.

According to ABC Australia, Floyd Wisner. an experienced US aviation lawyer has said Malaysia Airlines faces huge damages claims from the relatives of those on board missing flight MH370.

Damages claims could be “half a billion dollars, or more”. On top of that Boeing and Rolls Royce could face claims.

At the moment, getting answers may be more important than getting cash? With a search area from the Indian Ocean to Korea , this could take some time, however.

Thoughts and prayers continue to be with all those involved.

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