Good bye DC10

Source: Alberto Riva

Source: Alberto Riva

On 24 February, 2014 a Biman Bangledesh DC10 flew its last commercial passenger flight from Dakka, Bangledesh to Birmingham, England. The plane was retired from regular Biman service in December, 2013 as a result of the airline taking a new 777: E9 S2-AHM (msn 40120). The new plane is named  “Akashprodip” and replaces the retired DC-10 for long-range flights to destinations such as Frankfurt, Rome, London and Birmingham.

The aircraft’s last flight – which was without passengers – took off from Birmingham and flew back to Dhaka to be scrapped and its parts to be sold. The airline announced a buyer for its three jet engines.

The DC10 has been part of the flying landscape since 5 August, 1971 debuting a year and a half after the 747. 386 of the type were delivered to airlines before production ended in 1989. I only flew the DC10 four times in my life:

  • Boston to Washington DC with American
  • Honolulu  to San Francisco and return with Continental
  • San Francisco to Los Angeles with Delta

The DC10 was always a fun sight to see at airports with their unusual three engine design. There are still about 60 in service as cargo and freight planes. It was hoped at one point that the plane be flown to Seattle to be placed in a museum but that was not to be.

Vale DC10!


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