MH370 still transmitting 7 hrs later

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 sent its last hourly transmission to a satellite at 8:11 a.m. on 8th March, over seven hours after its last official voice transmission which occurred at 107am. The plane, it is believed, was still flying after Malaysia had first raised the alarm that it was missing.

This map released by Malaysia shows two red lines representing the possible locations of the plane at 811am.


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  1. sounds like a well though out plan, fly to burn up fuel weight and be able to land in less runway space.

  2. I recall during 9/11 the passengers and a few flight attendants called their loved ones from the flight before the crashes. I wonder whether any of the passengers and crew tried to call their loved ones from the plane? I’d imagine at least one of them would have thought something is wrong?

  3. If they were over water a cell phone wouldn’t work as there are no towers. A sat phone could have worked unless someone came through and collected them. I would say that not many people have sat phones so it’s fairly unlikely.

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