MH370- 3 weeks 3 questions unanswered

Source: The Star

Source: The Star

It has been three weeks since MH370 “vanished” from our views. Despite a massive 26 country hunt utilising ships, planes, satellites and investigators, no debris, no passengers and no black box have been found.

Source: Sydney Morning Herald

Source: Sydney Morning Herald

There are three questions still unanswered. These questions have bothered me since day one:

1. Where is the plane?

2. Why did it end up so off course?

3. What can we do to avoid a repeat?

Frustratingly, while it seems the answers are close, they are still out of reach. Based on the length of time it took to find answers in the case of  downed Air France 447, we may be waiting three years for thee MH370 answers.

In the meantime, to those searching for those answers, Godspeed.

Source: Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Source: Australian Broadcasting Corporation

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