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Future Options for Malaysia Airlines?

  A friend of mine has just purchased a round trip ticket with Malaysia airlines for travel between Thailand and Australia via Malaysia for a fraction over $US500. This trip of  7 804 km (4,849 miles) normally sits at around $1100 to $1200. A good deal is around $700. Such is the desire to get people onto their planes, that Malaysia Airlines is discounting heavily. The discounts are designed to match arch rival Air Asia and attract passengers “scared off” Malaysia Airlines after the disappearance of Flight 370 on 8th March. The appearance of a Skytrax…

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MH370- 3 weeks 3 questions unanswered

It has been three weeks since MH370 “vanished” from our views. Despite a massive 26 country hunt utilising ships, planes, satellites and investigators, no debris, no passengers and no black box have been found. There are three questions still unanswered. These questions have bothered me since day one: 1. Where is the plane? 2. Why did it end up so off course? 3. What can we do to avoid a repeat? Frustratingly, while it seems the answers are close, they are still out of reach. Based on the length of time it took to find…

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26 countries now in search for MH370 [updated]

Hishammuddin Hussein, Malaysia’s defence and acting transport minister at a media conference this Monday evening (Malaysian time) said 26 countries are now involved in the search for the plane (up from 25 this morning and 14 yesterday). The countries are Australia, Bangladesh, Brunei, China, France, India, Indonesia, Japan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, New Zealand, Pakistan, Philippines, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, Turkmenistan, UAE, UK, US, Uzbekistan, and Vietnam. It was revealed today that the Malaysian government have involved the FBI and Interpol from day one, French investigators who worked on the crash of Air France’s Flight 447…

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Malaysia calls for help from 25 nations

Malaysia‘s defence and transport minister Hishammuddin Hussein told a press conference that “The number of countries involved in the search and rescue operation has increased from 14 to 25“. The search area now involves eleven countries. In addition, the Indian Ocean has an average depth of 3,890 metres (12,762 ft). On Sunday afternoon (Malaysia time), officials briefed envoys from about 20 countries on progress in the investigation.In addition, the United States, France and China have all been asked for more satellite information to help find the missing Boeing 777. The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) is reporting that the Malaysia Airlines plane…

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No Dangerous Goods on MH370

Quashing another rumour, Malaysia Airlines CEO Ahmad Jauhari Yahya said at yesterday’s Media Conference that no hazardous goods were loaded onto the missing flight. Jauhari said that the 777’s cargo was checked and scanned according to standard procedures: “We examined the cargo manifest, it contains no hazardous goods”.  

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