MH370 ended in Ocean: Malaysian PM


Malaysia Airlines have informed the families of passengers from flight MH370 that the 777 flew south from it’s intended route and ended its journey in the Indian Ocean.

The airline said they told most in person or by phone and some were told by text message: Malaysia Airlines deeply regrets that we have to assume beyond any reasonable doubt that MH370 has been lost and that none of those on board survived. As you will hear in the next hour from Malaysia’s Prime Minister, we must now accept all evidence suggests the plane went down in the Southern Indian Ocean.”

Najib Razak, the Prime Minister of Malaysia confirmed MH370 is assumed in the water in the Indian Ocean at a press conference in Kuala Lumpur late Monday night, Malaysian time.

The announcement was based on satellite analysis and three new sightings of debris by searchers. It is thought that debris will be recovered early Tuesday morning, Australian time.

This ends speculation that the passengers and crew survived ending their hopes of a miraculous survival.

The questions remain:
1. Where is the plane?
2. Why did it end up so off course?
3. What can we do to avoid a repeat?

Perth, Australia will become the base for a multi-nation recovery effort involving ships and aircraft from 20 countries. The task now is to find the black box.

My condolences to families and friends and may all those connected with MH370 rest in peace.

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