Thou shalt not take a selfie on a statue

This needs to be a new rule for museums after an incident In Milan, Italy last week

A student broke that rule last week when he climbed on an early 19th century sculpture called the “Drunken Satyr,” at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera. Not only did he break the rule but newspaper: Milano cronaca reports he broke the statue. The left leg of the statue not designed to hold such weight broke off.

selfie bnrteaks statuye selfie

The whole thing was captured on secuirty cameras.

Italian media has called the boy “a foreigner with little understanding of ancient art or museum rules.”


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  1. I would like to find out but i wont be surprised if that’s a Chinese, by the way I am one. the mainland chinese are known to hop onto an art object & take pics. they do this in their own & other countries. if it turned out not to be a Chinese student then great! but i am stating a well known fact among us china nationals.

  2. Hope they make the idiot pay for its repair or keep him in prison. True about Chinese – they touch everything and need some education before entering museums and historical places.

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