Flight 1000 utter mix up!!

I kind of hoped for more from my 1000th flight…

1000th flight


Check in

After disembarking from a magnificent Emirates flight from Kuala Lumpur, I wheeled my small case into the Qantas lounge at Melbourne airport. The International and Qantas domestic terminals are right next door to each other making it one of the easiest airports in the world to connect! Much better than Sydney connections).

I had already checked in on-line but wanted to see if I could get a bulkhead seat. After glancing at my frequent flyer card and tapping at his keyboard, the agent made an interesting noise before looking at me. “Um sir, you have booked Canberra to Melbourne and not Melbourne to Canberra”.  Yes friends, I had managed to search for, book and pay for and check in for a flight going in the opposite direction! I have quietly laughed at others doing this sort of mistake but me?!

After some discussion with the lounge agent and telephone sales, I re-booked a flight online and got moved onto the next flight. Thanks guys. I know we technically stretched the rules but it did keep a long term Qantas customer happy. I did lose some cash and points over this.

Unfortunately, it meant I kept very quiet about my 1000th flight – and I got  a middle seat- a rarity for me.

The rest of the flight was good. Thanks Qantas.



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