The European Peace Walk (EPW)

It is 100 years since World War One.

One means of commemoration is the opening of a  550-kilometre (323 mile) trans-national walkway through 6 European countries. The EPW will start in Vienna, the walk moves into Bratislava.  It then proceeds along the Danube into Hungary, then Croatia and into  Slovenia‘s famous wine region before heading downhill to end at the Mediterranean Sea at Trieste, Italy.

On the morning of Monday 28th of July 2014, a group of 50 walkers will set about walking the full trail.   it will take them 23 days to arrive in Trieste in Italy.   Every day for 2 weeks, 50 new PeaceWalkers will leave Vienna for the walk. This year’s walking season will end on 1th August 2014. 

It will then be open to more people  in 2015 and organisers are expecting 30,000 people will walk it annually. The EPW will be free to hike. A mixture of  budget accommodations, campsites and hotels will be available across the entire length of the walk.

In this time of tensions, it seems like the concept of peace is as elusive as it was a century ago.

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  1. Any chance of including a bike to walk ride in 2015. I thought I saw something advertised leaving from Dresden in 2015

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