Scotland Votes Today!

The referendum on whether Scotland should be an independent country will take place today.

I lived in Scotland for three years and have visited many more times. In fact, having been to the Northern Scottish Islands known as the Orkneys plus all major cities (Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Stirling), the Highlands, West Coast and more, I have seen more of the country, than many residents have! It is a stunning place to be wild about travel in!

I also have Scottish siblings and friends so discussions over the last few days have been interesting. It seems to me that culturally the “yes” vote makes sense and economically the “no ” vote makes sense. Not that this blog is about politics!

For the tourist and traveller who enjoys Scotland, not much will change whatever the outcome. Whatever happens will, however, impact the United Kingdom forever.

I will be in Scotland next Wednesday so I may be entering and leaving my 61st country! 


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