90 yr old Flight Attendant Retired

A 90 year old flight attendant seems extraordinary considering we have only had a century of commercial flights!

Source: onemileatatime.boardingarea

Source: onemileatatime.boardingarea

Bob Reardon started flying with Northwest Orient on 1st October 1951. The airline, in those days, flew DC-6s and Boeing 377 “Stratocruisers”. Northwest Orinet first flew to Japan in 1947 and for years was the largest foreign airline flying into Japan. 

Source: http://library.duke.edu/

Source: http://library.duke.edu/

Mr Reardon turned 90 in May, 2014. He set two Guinness World Records; one as the world’s  oldest active flight attendant and the other for the longest career as a flight attendant (62 years). There is no upper limit on flight attendant ages in the USA whichI think is extraordinary! Good on Mr Reardon for showing us there is no limit on age! He was, until recently, still flying to Tokyo.

Source: http://blog.ladyskywriter.com/

Reardon in 1957 Source: http://blog.ladyskywriter.com/

Northwest Orient, of course became simply Northwest and then merged with Delta adopting the latter name. It is reported that Delta may have forced Mr Reardon’s retirement on 30th August, 2014. He had said that he did not want to ever retire. Delta staff who knew  him are apparently unhappy with the way the carrier has managed the separation.

Delta themselves stated : Robert “Bob” Reardon acquired legendary status at Delta and in the industry for performing a job he loved for 62 years. During that time he provided safety, service and friendship to countless customers and colleagues. We thank Bob for his years of dedicated services and wish him all the best in his retirement journey after what has been a truly remarkable aviation career.



  1. There are limits to age, and I’m happy to know that Delta understands that too (his family says they forced him out). There is no way he was was/is capable of fully performing required duties in the case of an emergency, which is the primary purpose of FAs.

  2. So much for the argument that stewardesses (aka flying waitresses) are there for our “safety” like their attuitudes often suggests. We should move their role to a low wage + tip system maybe we’d get some service.

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