Malaysia’s Marketing Fail

Poor Malaysia Airlines, they cannot put a foot right it seems.

We are committed to regaining the confidence of our customers and sending them on memorable holiday experiences as a trusted five-star carrier.” Lee Poh Kait, Malaysia Airlines regional senior vice president, Australia, New Zealand & South West Pacific.

After a horror year, Malaysia Airlines have started to rebuild. Apart from lowering fares to ridiculous levels, its major shareholder has announced a complete transformation of the loss making carrier. In addition, the airline is looking for ways to market itself.

Its latest campaign has been pulled, however after a few hours. The airline asked the Australian and New Zealand public to answer this question: “What and where would you like to tick off on your bucket list?” The URL for the competition is now showing a 404 page not found indicating a very hasty retreat on this one.


If Malaysia are wanting to be seen “as a trusted five-star carrier”, asking people to nominate what they want to do before they die is not a good marketing decision in the context of this horrible year. 

The airline is offering heavily discounted business and economy flights from Europe, UK and Australia to ten destinations in Malaysia.

NB I am flying MH next week.



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  1. Malaysia Airlines have apologised for the gaffe: “Malaysia Airlines has withdrawn the title of a competition running in Australia and New Zealand, as it is found to be inappropriate at this point in time,” the airline said in a statement on Wednesday. “The competition had been earlier approved as it was themed around a common phrase used in both countries. The airline appreciates and respects the sentiments of the public and in no way did it intend to offend any parties.”

    The airline changed the name from “My Ultimate Bucket List” to “Win an iPad or Malaysia Airlines flight to Malaysia.”

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