Paris locks bridges down to stop love locks

Paris is the capital of love, and we are all proud of that…But there are other, more beautiful ways of showing love than attaching padlocks.”
I have said a few times in this blog how I hate people damaging the things they visit. Nothing riles me up as an example of this than the vandalism of Parisian bridges!
love locks

What started as a romantic symbol on one bridge in 2008 has become a blight on bridges across Paris and seems to be spreading to other cities.

After part of a bridge railing collapsed on the Pont des Arts a few weeks ago, the authorities are reacting. Spurred on by a poster, Twitter () and Facebook campaign, Parisians are demanding action be taken to stop theĀ movement. Here is a video showing the impact:

In September, glass panels were installed on the middle section of Pont des Arts as an experiment. These panels are designed to prevent anything being added, tied or clipped to the bridge.

glass panels

Personally, I would like the vandals locked to a key and thrown overboard! šŸ™

What are some other examples that you have seen of humans damaging theĀ places they visit?


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  1. how about that case from last year involving some Chinese teenager going to Egypt and scribbling “i’ve been here” on ancient hieroglyphics walls

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