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I often search in multiple websites for a fare or series of fares.

When I am disciplined, I create a nice spreadsheet in which I enter airline, origin and destination cities, fares etc This seems to take effort and is frustrating. When I am not disciplined I write fares on post it notes which pile up next to me. After a while, I cannot read my scrawls or remember my abbreviations and get frustrated!


Enter Pintrips. It only works in Google Chrome though as a free web app extension.  Signing up was easy. Once set up, I activated the Pintrips toolbar. It sits on my browser’s top bar.

I can now search for the flights I want  on almost any normal trip site eg Skyscanner, Expedia, Orbitz etc.  Just like Pinterest, I “pin” the flights I want to keep track of. These flights with real time prices are saved to my “personal trip board”.

I can compare these flights side by side without going back to all of the websites I have searched on. I can also share these choices with other travelers so we can make a decision. I can then go directly from the flight I have chosen to the appropriate booking website.

Huge fan in theory. I love the idea. In practice, I have some issues:

  1. the pinning does not always work
  2. Not all of us use Google Chrome
  3. Pin trips is not compatible with all of the fare search engines I like to use
  4. When I attempt to book, the interface is not as smooth as I would like and I found myself re typing flights
  5. the refresh tool does not always work meaning fares are out of date

Result: I am still using spreadsheets!


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