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Pin Trips

I often search in multiple websites for a fare or series of fares. When I am disciplined, I create a nice spreadsheet in which I enter airline, origin and destination cities, fares etc This seems to take effort and is frustrating. When I am not disciplined I write fares on post it notes which pile up next to me. After a while, I cannot read my scrawls or remember my abbreviations and get frustrated! Enter Pintrips. It only works in Google Chrome though as a free web app extension.  Signing up was easy. Once set…

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$25 for using Travelocity app

If you download and use the Travelocity app to book a hotel room of $US99 or more, they will give you $25 off the booking. I used it for a resort room in Thailand. The code one uses is MOBILE25. The deal is available until 30th november 2014. I checked with kayak.com which lists almost all possible rates one can get for a hotel. The Travelocity rate was a good one and the extra $25 was a bonus. I am an ingrate though. I am unlikely to use the app regularly. It does promise exclusive special prices. It will also keep all…

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Track Your Fare

When searching for a good price, I track airfares with Kayak.com. I know Hotwire’s Trip Watcher and Farecompare do the same thing. After searching for a fare, I register the route and dates I want. If the fare drops to the price point i have chosen, an e-mail is sent to me. It saves checking flights every couple of days! Related Posts Subscribe for cheap deals Hotel Clubs Priceline Be Date Flexible

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American Airlines Ticketing #Fail!

I  have just used Kayak to research a flight: Austin-Pittsburgh-Boston. The best option price and schedule- wise was an American Airlines/USAir combo sold by American Airlines for $US357.60 in Economy. Kayak gave me a link to American Airlines which I clicked on. This deposited me on the onto the American Airline homepage (www.aa.com). I entered all my personal data and scrolled through to payments page where I entered my Credit Card details including address.  I discovered, at this point that there was not a drop down box for “Australia”. I could enter “USA”, “Canada” or the “UK” but not “Australia”. So I called…

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