In flight thief hides booty in underwear

I always store my carry on bags in the overhead bin opposite me, not above me. This paranoid action means I can watch when someone opens the bin and rummages in a bag. Hopefully it is not my bag they are rummaging in. I operate on the premise that while most people are honest, passenger’s bags are brimming with phones, ipads, and cash which is a very tempting situation.


On American Airlines flight 22 from Los Angeles to New York’s JFK last Wednesday, a a flight attendant’s iPad went missing. The iPad turned up in the carry-on of a passenger Melissa Perez, along with a prescription bottle containing 10 grams of marijuana.

A search revealed the passport and bank card of another passenger were hidden inside Perez’s underwear.

After questioning, she was charged by Port Authority of New York and New Jersey officers for  grand larceny and possession of stolen property.

Ironically, the suspected thief was returning from an appearance on the Judge Judy show. The suspect has been arrested seven times previously for theft.

I hope the bankcard was washed before use.


Definitely weird

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  1. Another reason to keep your smaller bag underneath the seat. Perhaps karma for those who place their smaller bag in the overhead.

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