Don’t eat near a tourist site!

I have three rules for eating when travelling:

1. Never eat in a tourist zone. They always have a higher price tag and lower quality than they should or could! Up a tall building, opposite a touristy square, next to a landmark, then expect to hand over the moolah!

2. I use yelp and/or tripadvisor to find nice places that the locals hang out in

3. Check if the restaurant actually has some locals eating there!

Best meal I ate in Burma- set me back about $US8 - and I was full. Thanks Trip Advisor.

Best meal I ate in Burma– set me back about $US8 – and I was full. Thanks Trip Advisor.

I am amazed how often I have found amazing food in places just metres away from the tourists! At a third of half of the price.

Every time I break my three rules (which is not often), I regret it!

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  1. How likely are locals to be using TripAdvisor to leave restaurant reviews? In my experience TripAdvisor is more reliable for hotel ratings than for restaurants.

  2. Pretty much how we do things too! We’ve been known to stand across the street from a restaurant to see who goes in there.

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