Petition demands air passenger protections



Sick of it all? Crammed seats, delays, fees and poor customer responses to problems?

FlyersRights who claim to be the Largest Non-Profit Airline Consumer Organization, have launched a petition calling for the US government to draft public law to require:

  • passenger protection from tarmac delays of three hours plus
  • minimum seat pitch standards
  • airline acceptance of FAA-certified child seats
  • transparency of unbundled fees
  • contingency plans for long delays including food stocks
  • response to complaints within seven days and resolution within ten 

Airlines For America responded saying “We…believe that government should not regulate airline seat sizes, but instead market forces and competition should determine what is offered,”

The Advisory Committee for Aviation Consumer Protection at their meeting on 1st September, recommended the US Transportation Department ask airlines to disclose  seat dimensions on their websites. Panel member Charles Leocha, an expert on travel issues noted that the US government has adopted minimum space requirements for dogs traveling on airplanes but not for humans!

The FAA said it would review the petition on seat standards in an “appropriate time frame.” Wonder if that is seven to ten days?


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