Where to credit air miles

Booked your ticket and airline and trying to work out which Frequent Flyer program will get the most miles. It can be useful if you are planning a one off trip or thinking through your mileage earn for the next 12 months.

Where to credit is a handy way to find out that your First Class ticket will get you 130%  of miles with one airline and 300%  with another. Or my Malaysia airways discount economy ticket will get me 25% of the miles with Malaysia and 0% with any other carrier.

It is very simple to use. Just know the Airline your ticket is sold on and the Booking Code it is booked under.

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Users can update information so the site remains current.


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  1. Are the miles awarded based on the actual operating carrier, or the one on the ticket. For example, “Air France 8002 Operated by KENYA AIRWAYS” – is that Air France or Kenya airways?

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