United opens up to hear from us

United is the airline, I love to hate. And I am not alone. Their on-time arrival performance declined  in 2014 while their mishandled baggage rate increased.

-baductsservThe airline had a higher customer complaint rate in 2014 compared to 2.14  in 2013.
Brent D. Bowen and Headley in their 2015 Airline Quality Ratings gave them ninth place out of 12 US carriers. Skytrax customers have given them a 3/10 rating.

Since new CEO, Oscar Munoz took over in dramatic circumstances, just three weeks ago, he has been reaching out to try and change the airline. He has promised to focus on customers, build employee teamwork and be innovative. This week he announced via this video a new United Airlines feedback website:

unitedairtime.com allows customers and tellingly employees to give their ideas on improving United’s culture, service and product or ask questions. I love it.

There is also a section entitled “Our Actions” which felt a little too PR focussed. For example, from an airline that has delays, poor communication and unhappy/rude staff being told that more wifi is coming does not necessarily feel like a concrete change action.

What was good to see was a new baggage tracking service: “We are working to develop a customer facing baggage-tracking application that is scheduled to be finished next year. Customers will be able to see if their bags were scanned upon arrival and scanned onto the claim belt.”

Munoz has started well. I wish him well for taking United forward. Now everybody start posting to that webpage!

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