19 hour marathon will be longest Flight

If you can bear a 19 hour non stop flight, then the Qantas announcement of a non stop flight between Perth, Australia and London, England from 2017 might excite you.  Using a Boeing 787-9 two pairs of pilots and a spare cabin crew would allow the aeroplane to make the 14,000 kilometre (9009 mile) journey in 19 hours.

At the moment, Perth-London can be reached with one stop via Cathay Pacific, Emirates,  Etihad, Malaysian, Qatar and Singapore.

The new service to London would have an early evening departure from Perth, reaching London, the next day by noon. Even with the notorious Heathrow immigration lines, passengers would have access to a large number of European connections. The flight from Heathrow would leave at around 3pm,  arriving late afternoon the next day in Perth.

The only hiccup is that the flight would most likely fly over Crimea which is currently banned. The airline will also have to consider carefully diversionary airports if case Perth, one of the world’s most isolated cities is closed down.

download (1)Qantas has ordered eight Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners which will be phased in throughout 2018 and 2019. The planes will include Business, Premium Economy and a nine abreast Economy class. (Only ANA and Japan have an eight abreast Economy cabin. The other 28 airlines have the nine across!). For 19 hour flight, give me the Business class seat please.

Currently, the world’s longest non-stop flight is operated by a Qantas Airbus 380, flying 13,730km (8,578 miles ) between Dallas-Forth Worth and Sydney, Australia.

From February 2016, Emirates will eclipse this with non stop service on a 777 from Dubai, United Arab Emirates to Panama 13 872 km (8,619 miles).

In 2018, Singapore Airlines  will resume their ‘”world’s longest flight route” between Newark and Singapore,  a distance of 16 112km (9534 miles). The flight would be a 19 hour journey.

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