Travelling with Books


In a UK ruined abbey!

I am an avid reader. While I live off my electronic gadgets, I still like a real paper book to read on journeys. Watching other people on buses, planes and trains, I know that I am not alone!

Books take up space and add weight so here are some of my tips for travelling with books:

Before Travel

  • avoid buying books at the airport or train station- rarely will they be discounted-the exception is in the UK where I have found deals such as three books for the price of two!
  • avoid hard covers as they add to your weight
  • always take two books on a long flight or train journey- if one is boring, you can switch books
  • if your hand luggage is approaching its weight limit, take your books out and carry them separately. No one has asked me to weigh my books!

En Route

  • Join Book Crossing and keep your eyes out for free second hand books left in public places
  • downloadBuy a book second hand to read on your journey and then cash it in at a second hand book shop at your destination or donate it to a charity shop or join bookcrossing (see above) and leave it “in the wild”
  • Look for literature written by local authors local to your destination. I have books in my collection bought from across the USA, Europe, South America, New Zealand and Iceland. They bring back memories of my visits!

On your Return

  • Travelling with friend or partner with similar literature tastes? Carry a book each and swap on the return journey
  • order a book or two from Amazon or Book depository or ebay and have it waiting for you at your destination for your return journey
  • fly through Helsinki airport which has a book exchange in  the airport!

Enjoy your journey –with a book!

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  1. Glad you mentioned Finland; I was about to say that is the other place besides UK where I would buy a book in the airport. I don’t know if they are dearer than in Finnish bookstores, but they sure are heaps cheaper than in Australia! Also, their fat books don’t seem to be any dearer than thin ones (unlike ours which seem to charge relative to size)

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