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Impressive Packing: 12 months (130 items) of necessities into a carry on

In this impressive video, Rachel Grant packs over 100 items including 23 dresses plus shoes and toiletries into a small suitcase. There are some great packing tips including: using space saving packing cubes placing rubber bands around shoes rolling clothes using zip lock bags stuffing shoes with balled socks Lots to learn here even if you have been a long time traveller. I am not sure that the carry on would comply with most airline weight limits, however. (yes I know it is an ad for a bag but its still impressive!)   Related Posts…

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Navigating Airports – My favourite Apps

I blogged a couple of weeks ago about how I use airports as a place to walk for exercise, people watch and plane spot. I have spent a lot of time in airports and am keen to maximise my productivity. When travelling through airports, these are the apps I go to: Tripit has been my go to app for five years now and I must admit, I completely rely on it. By forwarding my flight and hotel confirmations to Tripit, the app organises them into complete itineraries that I can access via phone or laptop or even print paper…

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Travelling with Books

I am an avid reader. While I live off my electronic gadgets, I still like a real paper book to read on journeys. Watching other people on buses, planes and trains, I know that I am not alone! Books take up space and add weight so here are some of my tips for travelling with books: Before Travel avoid buying books at the airport or train station- rarely will they be discounted-the exception is in the UK where I have found deals such as three books for the price of two! avoid hard covers as they add to…

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Travel Tip: Don’t Check in baggage

Following on from last week, when I talked about how many toiletries people travel with, I had a very frustrating week with fellow passengers and their luggage . At Melbourne airport, a family of five were checking in, in front of me. They had fifteen bags – for a vacation. They had a huge argument with the check in staff about their baggage allowance. They were claiming the first class luggage allowance whilst travelling in Economy. The check in clerk was not giving it to them despite their posturing and yelling.  The end result of a lot of wasted time, was a re pack…

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