London to Paris for only $42

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There is something very civilised about catching the Tube to Kings Cross/St Pancras station for the Eurostar journey between the English Capital and French capital. One moment you are using pounds, speaking English and enjoying a Cornish pasty and the next you are whizzing under the water emerging 2 hours 16 minutes later in Paris, my favourite city in the world ready to start speaking French, using Euros and hunting for the best Croissants!

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Me in Paris…the day before a Eurostar journey!

Eurostar is offering a £58 ($US84) round trip from London St Pancras or Ebbsfleet or Ashford to Paris, Brussels & Lille in Standard Class.  This is a non-refundable fare. You can take two bags and check in 30 minutes before (I know because one trip I arrived 33 minutes before!). This beats most air fares and the convenience of city to city rail service is extraordinary.

While, the offer is subject to availability and there is limited availability for travel on some days, I was surprised how many seats there are. Tip: You may find it cheaper to book a return fare to paris and another one to Brussels than paying for a direct trip between the two cities!
Tickets are exchangeable before departure of each leg by paying the difference in price with the next available fare on the day of exchange plus a £30/€40 fee per person per segment, on the same journey, within the booking horizon. You may find it cheaper to book a whole new ticket, of course!
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  1. Yeah, the 29 euro fare’s been around for a while. I got one back in December 2013.

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