Three Airlines give points for AirBnB stays

I am a huge AirBNB fan both as guest and host (see below). I have stayed in AirBnBs in seven countries.

Whilst there have been some very public battles between AirBNB and several cities, its expansion appears to continue unthwarted. In a study published this year, Skift suggested that ” hotels need not be too overly concerned about the threat of Airbnb on their bottom lines

I think it is significant that airlines are now giving points for AirBnbs booked through their sites. Delta has joined the club this week. Virgin America appears to have been the first followed by Qantas.

Virgin America gives one Elevate point for every dollar spent on every booking through Virgin America. First time bookers get 1,500 bonus points and a $20 Airbnb credit.

It is similar at Qantas, where every dollar spent with Airbnb, gets you one Qantas point.

NB You will need a lot of stays to get a free flight. For example, 35 nights a year at $200 a night will get you a free one way ticket between Sydney and Melbourne, Australia. Virgin is slightly more generous. It is better than earning nothing I guess!

screen-shot-2016-11-03-at-8-28-16-amMembers of Delta Air Lines’ SkyMiles frequent-flier program can earn one mile per dollar miles spent on qualifying stays booked through their website. New Airbnb Guests get $25 off their first qualifying Airbnb stay, and up to 1,000 bonus miles.

Meanwhile Lufthansa which also has a link (but no points) on its website, the airline started listing economy seats over the European summer on AirBNB under the tagline: “Our cabin isn’t in the woods, but in the sky!”.

Are you an AirBNB user and or host? Will you book through an airline website?


My house is not far from here!

Disclaimer: I have a property listed on Airbnb near the beach on the Mornington Peninsula south of Melbourne, Australia.

Feel free to use my link if you are booking for the first time at any AirBnB globally, to save you $45 (Yes, I get $45 too).


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