Airlines of Thailand receive key safety rating upgrade

In March last year, Thai-registered airlines were placed under “special measures” by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). This followed an ICAO audit that found concerns over the  Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand’s ability to manage the air operator certification process.

This led to Japan,  South Korea and the USA blocking any new flights by Thai-registered airlines.

Now,  Thai Airways International, Bangkok Airways and Thai AirAsia are expected to have air operating certificates  re-issued in Februray, 2017 by the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand. Five more airlines will get theirs by March. A further 17 Thai airlines will get theirs by September 2017.
The ICAO inspectors will  be invited to conduct a new audit in order to finalise the special measures as soon as possible.
Through this time, there was no suggestion that Thai’s safety was at risk just the national mechanisms to ensure internal air safety were compromised. Hopefully, these are now being fixed.
Seeing I have a Thai Airways flight booked for Tuesday and then again in early December, this reassurance would be helpful.
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