Why and How I travel – My Manifesto


I have spent all my life traveling distances. The addiction started early with me with my first big journey when I was just a couple of months old. We drove across 2000 miles of Australia. Not many memories of that trip in my mind!

img_1528I do have good memories of a childhood of trips including Scotland at the age of two (above), Africa from the age of four (far left below), screen-shot-2016-10-24-at-12-19-11-pmthe Middle East when I was six, Hong Kong at seven, London at 14, and Melbourne, Australia when I was 19.

Sixty two countries later (including 46 US states), every Australian state and most British counties, 1000+ plane flights, multiple train trips in multiple countries, innumerable numbing bus trips and a few boat trips later, I believe my addiction to travel has brought me many memories, some very good friends on every continent and some defining life moments.


We all travel for different reasons? What motivates you?

Why I travel

Many of my trips have been for business but I still subscribe to the same philosophies in my personal and professional voyages. I travel to:

  1. Learn…about myself, the world and other people
  2. Immerse myself in my destination: culture, the food and the people of my destination
  3. Meet new friends- assume the world is not there to rip you off all the time
  4. Leave a better planet

How I travel – My Manifesto: Economic, Real, People Focussed and Sustainable

  1. Economic: I aim to be as economical as possible, getting as much bang for my buck but I do not want to let this be at the expense of others. I am happy to be honest, pay a fair price and be respectful of other’s labour and gifts
  2. Real: I eschew clinical sealed off tours and I try almost everything that is put in front of me. This has included eating in some strange places and almost every type of meat eaten by humanity but did not include whale in Icelandimg_4085
  3. People Focussed: I talk to others, to strangers and to new friends -knowing when to shut up and let them sleep! I volunteer. I participate in fun runs and charitable events in cities.img_4283
  4. Sustainable: I aim to minimise my environmental impact paying for offsets, choosing trains over planes and avoiding un necessary wastes

Not sure if I will be travelling for another 50 years but I do want to live out my manifesto while I travel. How about you? Why do you travel?

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