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The 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month

At 11 am on 11th November 1918 the guns of the Western Front fell silent after more than four years of World War One. 98 years ago, my Grandfather was in the thick of it. Turkey signed an armistice at the end of October 1918, Austria-Hungary followed on 3rd November. The German Kaiser abdicated on 9th November, 1918 and on 11th November, 1918 an armistice was signed and the war was over. Between nine and 13 million people perished in this war. Many still have no resting place. My Grandfather was injured twice in World…

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Why and How I travel – My Manifesto

I have spent all my life traveling distances. The addiction started early with me with my first big journey when I was just a couple of months old. We drove across 2000 miles of Australia. Not many memories of that trip in my mind! I do have good memories of a childhood of trips including Scotland at the age of two (above), Africa from the age of four (far left below), the Middle East when I was six, Hong Kong at seven, London at 14, and Melbourne, Australia when I was 19. Sixty two countries later…

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