Airline responses to US Visa freeze

Major airlines appear to be responding with flexibility at the current banning of the citizens of seven countries from entering the USA.If you know people affected they can contact their airline:-


  • Air Canada: waiving change fees and allowing refunds
  • Air New Zealand: Any customer currently booked to travel with Air New Zealand who finds that their travel is impacted should contact them directly to discuss options
  • American Airlines: if your travel is impacted by this regulation, contact Reservations.
  • British Airways: is offering refunds or rebooking options for US travel
  • Delta: “will make every effort to contact impacted customers with flexible rebooking options, including refunds.”
  • Emirates: has advised they have changed crewing rosters to prevent nationals of the affected countries travelling to the USA and are offering rebooking and refund options for affected passengers who are booked to fly to/from the USA between 28 January and 28 February
  • Ethiopian Airlines: Contact the airline
  • Etihad: Affected passengers holding tickets to travel on Etihad Airways should contact their booking agent if they require amendments to travel arrangements.
  • Qantas: offering refunds
  • Qatar Airways: are advising passengers to contact their booking agent for changes
  • United: affected passengers  to contact United Customer Contact -one assumes a full refund
  • WestJet Airlines:  full refunds to customers barred from the U.S. or changes for no fee cost

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