Unveiled! Now, counting down for 787-10 first flight

Despite being in commercial service for almost six years, it was only in the last six months that I finally got to fly on a 787.  Now I have flown five flights with four airlines on both the 787-8 and 797-9.


Aboard my first 787 ever -LATAM Business Class.

There are now 326 of the 787-8 and 186 of the 787-9 flying, an extraordinary delivery schedule since the first delivery. The company is now delivering 12 a month.

Boeing has outsourced production of the Dreamliner to speed up the process. Parts of the plane are produced across the globe and assembled in the Everett or South Carolina.


Source: Boeing Images

Now the 787-10 is on its way. Launched on day two of the 2013 Paris airshow, the 10 is aimed at competing directly against the Airbus 350.

On 17 February, 2017, the first 787-10 rolled off the assembly line.

The President of the United States flew in for the occasion and toured the plant:

The plane will have its maiden flight in the next couple of weeks.

Practically, what does it mean for passengers? The seating capacity is increased to 330 in a two class set up and 440 in a single class coach layout. The 787-10 capacity compares to:

  • 242 in a two class set up and 381 in a single class for the 787-8 and 
  • 290 in a two class set up and 420 in a single class for the 787-8


Screen Shot 2017-02-19 at 4.07.08 pm

Source: Boeing

Wingspan, cabin width at 18 feet and plane height in the larger plane are unchanged but the length has been extended six metres (about 18 feet) compared to the 787-9.

149 of the 787-10 have been ordered with the largest orders coming from Singapore Airlines (49) , Etihad (30), Air Lease Corp (25) and Eva Air 24). This compares to 418 orders for the 787-8 and 635 for the 787-9.

It is rumoured that Singapore will be the launch customer in early 2018. The airline has said they will use them on medium range flights of ten hours or less.

The total 787 Dreamliner program has been estimated to have cost Boeing in excess of $US32 billion. Each dreamliner costs over $US200million.

So, I wonder when I get my first flight on one?

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