Flat Earth Proven with Spirit Level on a Plane

This was so elaborate I thought it was a parody.

A guy took a spirit level onto a plane to prove that the earth is flat.

My one question is always: If the earth is flat, how come I can get on a plane in Singapore and travel in the same direction before eventually arriving back in Singapore? A flat earth would preclude that as there would eventually be an end or an edge?

Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 7.14.58 pmFascinating to live in a world where people think the world is flat and scientists involved in conspiracies to cover this up. Even when they fly!


The Verdict:

Definitely Weird

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  1. Actually, the earth is a giant hill that we never reach the end of because if you watch a plane take off and land, the nose is always up!

  2. Congratulations to this guy who successfully proved that the tray table of the plane seat is indeed….flat.
    Hope this is a joke.

  3. when you fly “around the world” you are actually describing a circular path around the pole. The Mercator projection you used is not that useful as it distorts the areas of continents near the top and bottom of the map. Try a flat earth projection like the one used in the UN flag. you can see that circumnavigating the earth is simply a circle in a two dimensional world. Really!

  4. Water is always level its called sea level for a reason its not called sea curve if the earth is seventy percent water then the earth is seventy percent flat how can anyone argue with that???

  5. Like the hands moving around a clock and coming back to its original position.

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