Idiot Abroad: UK man in Thailand becomes vandal

When you are on holidays in a strange and exotic country, what do you enjoy doing?

  • Shopping?
  • Seeing the sites?
  • Trying new foods?
  • Visiting Religious buildings?

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What about graffiti-ing?

A 38-year-old man from the UK decided that the Chiang Mai Railway station in Northern Thailand needed some new artwork so chose to get a spray can out and began to draw graffiti across the wall.

On top of the stupidity of this, he did it on a weekday morning (Thursday, July 13) at 9 am in broad light. His actions were naturally observed by Thai railway staff who took pictures of him.

When the police arrived, he denied all knowledge of the wrongdoing.

At the Mae Ping Police Station in Chiang Mai, when a railway employee produced a photo of him tagging the wall, he changed his tune, paying a 4,000 baht ($USD119) fine to have the wall repainted.

He was then released.




 Not Good Enough.

I initially thought it was some teen spraying the wall but this is a mature adult.What was going through his brain?

I hope 4000 baht might dissuade you from damaging anywhere in the future.



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  1. A mark should be made on his passport since people love to whine they’ve been thrown in jail in a country that’s humorless about crime. Then the consulate is supposed to drag your butt out of the fire.

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