Australia to Asia Comparing Eight Airlines

Over the last four years, I have averaged a trip from Australia to Thailand every two months. In that time, I have flown nine different airlines on about sixty flights between multiple Australian cities and Bangkok. Some have been direct and others have required transiting at various hubs across Asia.

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Overall Verdict for these flights

  1. Emirates has been the best airline, overall. I scored both my Economy and Business flights an average of: 100% on this routing.  This has been my experience with Emirates on other routes. With Qatar slightly ahead, they are leagues ahead of every other airline.
  2. Cathay Pacific has a great Economy which I rated at 92%. This was surprisingly only a little less than Business : 94%
  3. Singapore: Economy rated 90%
  4. Qantas offers a very solid Economy product which I rated an average of: 86%
  5. Thai Airways: Economy: 80% Business: 94%
  6. Malaysia Airlines: Economy: 80% Business: 84%
  7. Scoot:  How many airlines have a Business Product (my rating 68%) that is worse than their  Economy Product (My rating  70%)? Admittedly, I was sitting in their Premium Economy cabin known as Scoot in Silence but I would not splash out for the front cabin again!
  8. Jetstar:  A bearable Economy: 64% and a surprisingly good Business: 75%
  9. AirAsia: An awful Economy rated by me at 56% and a tolerable Business at 71%



  1. Have you flown Garuda? How does it compare? I also really liked Singapore and Cathay Pacific and agree with your ratings for Qantas, Malaysian, Thai, and especially Air Asia. I’ve never flown Scoot, Jetstar or Emirates, but would like to try (in so far as I’d like to fly in any airline, being a terrified flier!) them and Qatar.

  2. I have flown directly between Australia (SYD or MEL) and Bangkok on QF and BA (Economy, paid) as well TH (Business, award). Looking forward to Thai First (award).
    If you are looking for Economy being better than Business in any route than no airline can beat British Airways.

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