War Child’s Award Winning Video Challenges

Some 250 million children are confronted every day with the horrors of war. Fantasy is often the only way for these children to escape their reality.

This video shows the fantasies of kids caught in war situations. It won the Golden Lion 2017 at Cannes! And the Silver Ciclope in Berlin and the Bronze Lamp ADCN in Amsterdam. The Londen International Awards awarded the Batman video with two times bronze for the categories Music and Post-Production and silver for Production!

It was filmed with real kids in a small refugee camp in Lebanon. The camp is enclosed by a giant fence and full of kids. They held an impromptu audition with many willing kids and then filmed the results in the camp in very hot temperatures. A Batman suit is not known to keep heat out!

The main child “actor” escaped from Syria to the Lebanese camp with his father and mother. His brother is still there. He said he’d rather not talk about Syria and the things he has seen.The bombings. The attacks. The terror. “All the things I’ve seen…It breaks my heart,”. In the final scene, that is his own father carrying him.

We need to better support the humanity that suffers because of war. We get annoyed when our travel plans are disrupted. How about the kids whose life plans get disrupted?

War Child supports conflict-affected children with vital protection, education and psychosocial support. So they can cope with their terrible experiences. You can donate to War child here: http://www.warchildholland.org/donate

This video is on the making of the ad:


The Verdict

The film is wonderful. The reasons for it are not wonderful. Here’s to a better future for the kids of the world.

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Video Credits

  • Title: Batman
  • Client representatives: Daphne Groenendijk, Nienke Teunissen, Veronique Hoogendoorn
  • Creative: Marcel Frensch and Rogier Mahieu
  • Production Company: RNDBT
  • Content Producers: Lex Szanto, Kim Wolffensperger Director: Jeroen Mol
  • Line Producers: Bee On Set Productions
  • D.O.P: Gabor Deak Editors: Oscar Marmelstein and Jeroen Mol
  • Post production: Ambassadors Sound Studio: Ambassadors

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